Dillon Green


Hello I’m Dillon Green, When your named after a town with a population of less than 5,000 people, you know that you have something to prove. Dillon Montana Green has lived his life to not only overcome expectations, but has surpassed any and all obstacles that have come his way. While growing up at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon and coming from a household where if it snowed more than 6 inches your mom would forge a doctors note so you could catch first tram, skiing has always been a vital part of Dillon’s upbringing.

Coming from a family of pilots, actors, sponsored skiers, stuntmen, and a mother who was Ms. Alaska 1979, Dillon was bound to always “send it”. After spending much of high school out East in North Carolina, Dillon was itching to get back to skiing and knew he had some catching up to do. When he left Utah, Shane McConkey was king, when he returned, it was kids bumping Tupac and skiing without poles. The game had changed, but Dillon was convinced that skiing fast, hucking big airs, and using his poles was still what people wanted to see. In the summer you’ll catch Dillon tuning up bikes at your favorite Salt Lake Valley consignment shop, zooming by you on mountain bike trails, or see him making a fire with sticks while he’s out backpacking somewhere. Come ski season you’ll see Dillon sending it bigger than most, holding the door open for ladies, bumping some of that “funky” music, and charging up faces to get first tracks. You’ll never meet a more genuine, ambitious, and someone willing to go the extra step to
make it right.

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