Jonah Williams


My name is Jonah Williams, I’m an 19 year old skier based out of Park City, Utah. Mom and Dad put me up on my first pair of skis when I was 3, and I’ve loved it ever since! I grew up riding the epic slopes of Powder Mountain and Snowbasin, and didn’t start skiing park until I was 13.

Skiing is rad! I’ve always loved the freedom and positive environment that surrounds you when your out riding. There is nothing funner than shredding around with your friends, no matter where you are or what the weather is like. Then it becomes even more rewarding when you start filming and hitting street features; you get to see hard work and good times turn into a masterpiece of shots and sound. It’s pretty cool, and it brings good friends together.

Sponsors: Saga Outerwear, Salomon, Dragon, Stash poles, Powder Mountain.

Thanks to everyone I know: Mom and Dad, all my family and friends, sponsors, and the Soul Ryders crew for letting me continue to have fun skiing all the time! Super stoked to continue the adventures this season, stay shreddy! Check out my website


In The End – “Spring Time with Jonah”

A young lad Jonah Williams doing what he does best, surfing the Park City Everglades. Watch Jonah as he does the first ever decent on Mount Slushmore and sticks every turn with style. The weather was rough and warm but nothing is to gnarly for young Jonah. Sit back, eat popcorn and enjoy a baby…


“PC Laps with Jonah Williams” edited by Shane Peet

Jonah Williams shreds Park City  

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