Epic TV & SRP hit Breckenridge

larevalo_breck1_0314_0002          Ricky Bates riding Vail Pass, Colorado, March 2014.           larevalo_breck1_0314_0008  


Last week our tour for EpicTV took us to Breckinridge, Colorado & Breck backcountry where we got to meet #TeamRoast athletes Ricky Bates & Miles Malsam. The Mr Nice Guy crew aka MNG hosted us right in their coffee shop located in downtown Breck (mngcoffee.com).  Don’t let this group of entrepreneurs fool you, they SHRED! Look for the full episode of the MNG crew on EpicTV in December 2014 produced by #Soulryders. We’d like to thank Louis Arevalo Photography for traveling with to Breckinridge and taking rad photos of all the action! #SRPmovement