LINES OF CONTROL “1st Descents in Kashmir” EP III

In February 2013 Thayne Rich, Kalen Thorien, Tony Rossi, Vanessa Aadland, and Mark Kogelmann set out for Kashmir, on the border between India and Pakistan, to film a ski movie. This is their story. This week we meet Mr. Kahn – no, not the infamous Star Trek villain, the lovable entrepreneur from Kashmir who tells us about the changes the ski town of Gulmarg has undergone since India and Pakistan stopped fighting over the disputed territory. Needless to say, most of the changes have been good, like a growing Indian skiing community. Afterwards the Soulryders get a huge powder dump and skin in to the back country to absolutely annihilate some feather-soft pillow lines. Keep an eye out for the 360 at 1:59, it’s hotter than a vindaloo curry.