Soulryders announces Smokey Brights Contest

Soulryders’ Presents: Smokey Brights – No Sheer Force of Will from Soulryders on Vimeo

Soulryders presents Smokey Brights performing No Sheer Force of Will live at the Tractor Tavern. This show raised funds for The Outdoors for All Foundation and celebrated the life of Chris Rudolph, Marketing Director of Stevens Pass. The New York Times told the story of the devastating avalanche in a highly-detailed and visually-compelling fashion, a six-part chronicle titled “Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek.” It is a depiction of the tragedy that happened that day in February, the great person that Chris was, and summarizes why they teamed up on February 8, a year after the avalanche, to honor him as well as Jim and Johnny.