On Such a Winter’s Day



Stop number 9 & 10 on our film tour for Epic TV  took  us to California. Dylan Manley, Nathaniel Styza, Drayden Gardner, & Paxon Alexander shredded Big Bear & Mammoth Mountain. Watch the full episodes in the fall on Epic TV.  Dylan skis for Saga Outerwear and is known for his urban & park skills.  Paxon is a snowboarder who rides for DC and can be found shredding Park City when he’s now on tour with us.  Styza skis for Bern and Vishnu Skis, a cutting edge ski company whose launch is coming soon.  Drayden is our newest athlete coming in at 14 years old. Don’t let his young age fool you, this guy SHREDS and is making a name for himself as a snowboarder! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter for a tearers this season. We’d like to thank Mammoth Mountain and  Big Bear Mountain Resorts for their hospitality!