Aaron McGovern


I’m Aaron McGovern I was born in Bennington, VT in 1972. I began climbing trees and X-country skiing at the age of two. My 4th grade teacher wanted me out of the classroom so I joined the 5th and 6th graders for Friday afternoon ski club on the local T-Bar called Prospect Mt. I think from the first day I started jumping it’s been all up in the air from then on. I raced for three years in high school and made it to the Eastern Championships. In college at the University of Vermont I fell back in love with skiing powder and having fun. In 1994 three of my friends and I moved to Squaw Valley to take a year off from getting real jobs. They had the first Squaw Valley Extreme skiing contest on the Nose to Fingers and I took 2nd. The following year I competed in three Extreme Skiing contests including the World Championships in Alaska. Shane McConkey started the I.F.S.A. and that summer and while living in Santa Cruz, I received a phone call from him, on a land line. He said, “You better get some sponsors, you’re third in the world and we are going to Europe for the Red Bull Snow Thrill. From there I got to film for T.G.R., Matchstick and Rap Films. I’ve accumulated about 20 film segments, 15 covers and some epic crashes. Powder started the Full Throttle Award for me and I have also received the Best Crash. After moving to Venice for two years I had a ski dream again and decided to move back to Squaw. Now I coach the Squaw Free Team and fly canopies when ever I can. Looking forward to filming with Soulryders this year. See you up in the air!

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