Baker Blower

Kalen Thorien Soulryders Adventure Productions

My fingers were so frozen my iPhone wouldn’t let me open it.  Sliding my cold numb stubs across the screen they might as well have been sardines straight from the can.  Up to my waist in the driest snow I had been riding 5 years at Baker and shooting upwards toward the crew I kept my pack and gloves nearby for fear of losing them in an inevitable pow spray that would bury everything in a whitewash of beautiful snow dust.

Shouting back and forth in the low visibility  had to be comical if heard from afar;





“Droppin in 3…2..1!”

Needless to say once we got radios in the mix it helped quite a bit.  What helped even more was something like 80 inches of snow in 5 days.  Getting to watch killer riders like Chas Eberle, Jessica Earle, (who came all the way from Idaho) Peder Bottheim and Kalen Thorien, we had just as many powder highs as they did, seeing the slashes, rips, drops and pure sprays we all dream about.  Not so bad for a Wednesday.  Snow snobbery level 1,293, engage. And its not even Christmas yet!