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“Green Serenity” – Saga Week 2014

We went down to the beautiful, green, mystical place that is Mt Hood, Oregon to meet up and play with the Saga guys. It was a great time ripping the glacier and taking in all the fun at Saga week 2014

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14 Dead Souls

13-year-old world class climber Cameron Hörst sends this 14a last summer at the AGE of 12 in American Fork Canyon, UT. The climb is called 14 Dead Souls. One of the top youth climbers in the world, C

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勃起悸動-Dylan Manley Utah Full Part

  Dylan had a plentiful season this winter. This is a collection of all the street footage he got this winter in Utah. Footage from an east coast trip will be coming this fall! Credit: Jacob Call

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Zeal Optics releases SRP edit “The Shop Owner”

  Our friends over at Zeal Optics released our latest edit from our travels over in the Himalayas! Check out these 1st descents made by Tony Rossi, Vanessa Aadland, Kalen Thorien, and 4FRNT’

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In The End – “Spring Time with Jonah”

A young lad Jonah Williams doing what he does best, surfing the Park City Everglades. Watch Jonah as he does the first ever decent on Mount Slushmore and sticks every turn with style. The weather was

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SPF 5000 – “Goobin with Jacob Callaghan”

  Our Cinematographer Skis Better than You! Our 19 year old Intern turned full-time Cinematographer, Jacob Callaghan is not only a bad ass behind the camera but in front of it as well!  Our film

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Line of Control Poster 1

LINES OF CONTROL “1st Descents in Kashmir” EP III

In February 2013 Thayne Rich, Kalen Thorien, Tony Rossi, Vanessa Aadland, and Mark Kogelmann set out for Kashmir, on the border between India and Pakistan, to film a ski movie. This is their story. Th

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Bark City – “A Dogs Town”

Paxon a fresh puppy chasing his tail at Bark City Mountain Resort. A couple other hounds from the block join him in this bark filled edit. Make sure this pup gets a treat. Filmed/Edited By: Jacob Call

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Line of Control

Lines of Control – “1st Descents in Kashmir” Ep II

Kashmir is not just mountains, shepherds and ibex. This week the crew rolls into the Gulmarg ski resort, which sits a scant mile from the line of control that separates India and Pakistan. Although th

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  THE FAMILY THAT CLIMBS TOGETHER GETS BUFF TOGETHER | THE HÖRSTS – A CLIMBING FAMILY, EP. 4 To be honest, we were secretly hoping Eric Hörst would be more Joe Jackson than Ward Cleaver,

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