“The Hörsts – Episode 1″


Meet Eric Hörst. He’s a lifelong, dedicated and acclaimed climber whose passion has inspired his family, but also hundreds of thousands of fellow climbers. Internationally renowned author of several best-selling books on climbing performance, including Training For Climbing, How To Climb 5.12, and Maximum Climbing. These books have several foreign translations with total worldwide sales of over 300,000 copies. As a climber of 37 years, Eric is an activist and developer of hundreds of routes at the New River Gorge, and he established West Virginia’s first 5.13 route (Diamond Life) in 1987. He continues to climb at the 5.13 grade even into his late 40s! He is also father to world class climbers, Jonathan and Cameron Hörst. Meet them in the next episodes! Why I Climb & How I Still Climb 5.13 When I’m Nearly 50 | The Hörsts – A Climbing Family, Ep. 1